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Sankyo Seiki Co., Ltd

Having a track record of delivering reliable and technologically superior Rolling Centre since 1942.

With years of cumulative experience and expertise in the trading business, especially related to bulk export of a host of cutting tools, machine tools, pumps, motors, and measuring instruments, we can cater to buyers demands for these products, from around the world. We have excellent understanding of our customers needs and enjoy good collaboration with industry leading machine manufacturers (almost 300 in number), like Hioki E. E. Corp., Imada Inc., Amada Miyachi Co., Ltd., Musashi Engineering Inc., etc. These experts remain available for us with their complete machining solutions, providing prompt technical back-up as requested. With their assistance, we can offer Rolling Center in different configurations suiting client needs.


Hot Products
Our range of Rolling Centre, which is available in many sizes, models and specifications is widely praised in the market. 

Quality Trust

Over the years, we have gained trust of numerous customers by delivering superior quality products. 

Our Team

Our dynamic team greatly contributes to the overall performance and continuous growth of our trading company. 

Our Clients

We have customers from diverse fields who use our instruments, tools and machines to construct other industrial products
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About Us

Our Manufacturing Partners

With strict focus on delivering innovative and unique tools and instruments to customers, we associate with premium manufacturing names, relying on their expert knowledge to deliver high performance products to our own clients. We make sure that all the 300 partners we have, manage good stocks so that they can arrange for immediate delivery of Rolling Centre in different types.
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